How are Vidtionary videos made?

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First, the tools … The majority of these videos have been edited on an Apple computer, with the most utilized software being the Apple products, Motion and Final Cut Pro.  As for the website, it utilizes the WordPress open-source CMS (content management system) and various plugins (I intend to start doing blog entries for the individual plugins, in order to show my gratitude).

Next, the content … In terms of the content of the videos, much of the footage has been filmed over the years by DoAn Forest. Most of the motion graphics have also been created by DoAn. DoAn’s video footage has been supplemented at times by other footage sources – these alternate footage sources include stock footage available by subscription from Video Blocks, stock footage purchased from Pond 5, built in content for the Motion software, archival footage found at the Internet Archive (most often in the Prelinger Archives), clipart used under subscription from, animation clips available by subscription from Animation Factory, and video uploaded to Flickr and other web destinations under a Creative Commons license.


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