How can Vidtionary be used?

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It is hoped that Vidtionary can be used by teachers in the classroom, parents with their children, and self-guided learners. Various teaching guides and lesson plans will soon be developed, which will give extensive ideas on how to best utilize Vidtionary. Also, there is a quiz section of the site, where students can answer review questions about various videos. Finally, many of the videos on this site have an associated WOW version (ie. a version without words), which can be used to illicit class discussion or be used in games. For instance, students might watch a video, and then the student which can first say the word associated with the video may be rewarded a point in the game.

In the meantime, until more detailed usage tips and lesson plans are made available, hopefully teachers will have some ideas of their own on how to use the website (and we’d be thrilled to hear those ideas!).



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