Who makes Vidtionary?

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Until now, Vidtionary has primarily been made by Donald Anderson, a.k.a DoAn Forest. The project was initiated during Donald Anderson’s time as an M.Ed. student at Thompson Rivers University in BC, Canada.

Gradually, it is hoped that Vidtionary videos will be created by others, but the preparations (in terms of process, content rights, motivation) necessary to include the works of other video creators have yet to be made.

More about the author: 

Born in Canada in 1976, Donald has been an English teacher since 1999. He is also a video artist (his works are archived at www.doanforest.com). He currently lives on and off in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Seoul, South Korea. His work on Vidtionary combines his love for film, motion graphics, and art with his love of language learning and teaching.


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