Thesis: Acknowledgments

I wish to thank a number of people who have encouraged me and offered me guidance through the completion of this graduation project for the M.Ed. program at TRU. First of all, I wish to thank my project supervisors, Dr. Ashok Mathur and Professor Doug Buis. Ashok helped to keep the project focused in its early stages, introduced me to a great number of people who also helped, and put me on to some key theoretical concepts. Doug was instrumental in widening my array of tools and techniques for creating the video definitions; he encouraged me to experiment in 3D modeling software and use various animation techniques. Both Ashok and Doug gave very helpful feedback on the website component and on the videos themselves, which motivated me to make key adjustments.
In addition to Ashok and Doug, there are several members of the TRU faculty, I would like to individually recognize. In terms of getting through the program itself and navigating the requirements, Dr. Diane Purvey has patiently answered my various queries, encouraged me, and kept me on track. I also wish to thank Dr. Norm Friesen and Dr. Joi Freed-Garrod, also both on the M.Ed. committee, for allowing me to audit their respective classes. The content of E-Learning Research and Design (EDUC 506) taught by Norm was very relevant with themes ranging from children and media to new ways of thinking about copyright; in addition, Norm introduced me to numerous other books and resources. Joi taught a course called Media Literacy (EDVP 416), which was an elective course offered to TRU B.Ed. students. It was very interesting in this class to see the reactions and inspiration that various kinds of media can produce in a diverse group of people.
I also wish to thank the entire M.Ed. committee, the fellow members of my M.Ed. cohort, and all the professors who taught me during the duration of the program.
Outside of the Education faculty, there are others I would like to acknowledge. As an elective, I took a Digital Art and Design Class course (DAAD 284: Content Creation, Information Design and Portfolio Development) taught by Professor Troy Welch. This was the first and only course I have taken related to web design and information architecture. What I learned in this class was immensely useful.
Also, I wish to thank Dr. Jim Hu, who I met early in the program. He offered me some useful guidance, and provided me with a few articles.
During two semesters of the program, I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant at the Centre for innovation in Culture and the Arts in Canada (CiCAC,, a research space run by my supervisor Ashok Mathur. My position at CiCAC afforded me the chance to meet a great number of artists and researchers. In particular, I would like to thank Amy Modahl, a resident artist and Emily Carr professor, for introducing me to some very useful books, a few of which I ended up using as references.
On a few occasions, both within the courses I was attending or as a guest, I had the chance to present aspects of Vidtionary to a group of students. I thank everyone for their helpful feedback and getting me to think about the project in new ways.
Finally, thank you to my wife Yeoyoung for constant support throughout the program. Thank you also to my parents and the rest of my family for background support during my time in the M.Ed. program at TRU.

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