Winter Olympics Lesson

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Welcome to Vidtionary’s “Winter Olympics” lesson. Here, you’ll find a set of videos featuring sports from the Winter Olympics.

There are individual videos for the various sports (see the links below). There are also compilation videos, in which 15 Winter Olympic sports are featured. Here are links to the three compilations:
1. Winter Olympic Sports Video Dictionary – features 15 sports; the word for each sport is spoken/seen first.
2. Winter Olympic Sports W.A.L. Version (Word Appears Last) – features 15 sports; the word appears last, which means that students have the chance to guess at the answer before the word appears.
3. Winter Olympic Sports W.O.W. Version (Without Words) – features 15 sports; without words, meaning that the word never appears in the video.

Try the video quiz here:


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Direct Video Links

Here are direct links to some of the included jobs (note that the WOW link indicates a version of the video which does not include the word itself):

biathlon WOW, bobsleigh WOW, curling WOW, cross country skiing WOW, downhill skiing WOW, ice hockey WOW, luge WOW, skeleton WOW, freestyle skiing WOW, slalom skiing WOW, speed skating WOW, snowboard WOW, ski-jumping WOW, short-track WOW

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